Board of Management

Forgney National School is managed by a Board.   There are eight members of the Board of Management consisting of the following:

a)   Two members appointed by and representative of the Patron (The Bishop)

b)   Two elected parents (One being a mother, one being a father)

c)   The school Principal and an elected member of staff.

d)   Two extra members, nominated by the above and approved by the Patron

The Board of Management has legal responsibility for the overall running of the school.

It serves for a term of 4 years.   The present board was formed in 2019.

The board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students.

Board of Management Members  2019  –  2023

Chairperson: Rev Fr. Oliver Devine Patrons Representative
Secretary: Mr. Adrian Coughlan Principal
Treasurer: Mrs. Marion Maye Community Representative
Ms. Claire Birmingham Teachers Representative
Ms. Michelle Mullan Parents Nominee
Mr. Séan Gilbride Parents Nominee
Mr. Joe O’Toole Community Representative
Mrs. Mai Reilly Patrons Representative

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