Forgney N.S. – Enrolment

Enrolment Week

Enrolment of Junior Infant pupils
Parents and Guardians are welcome to call to the school. If for any reason you can’t visit us at this time please contact us on 090 6452659 – 086 3811437 or email us at  to make other arrangements.

Please click here for Enrolment Brochure

Testimonials from Parents, and Past Pupils of Forgney National School!

  1. “As parents of 4 children attending the school, we have the height of praise for the  school.  In all the years attending the school we have never had any issues with bullying.  All children play together as one group, each looking out for the other, the teaching staff are very dedicated, giving each child the individual attention that is harder to give in larger schools.

The senior classes practice public speaking every week, giving them a huge           advantage and confidence going in to second level schools.  For a true picture       of what Forgney School is like, please ask a parent here.  It’s the nearest       thing  in our opinion to a private education in a public school.”

2. ” I think Forgney School is the best school in Ballymahon, because it’s like a            little family.  Jazmin didn’t speak English when she came to Forgney                       School, but now she has perfect English.  The teachers are very friendly and           nice.  All Children are so friendly like the teachers.  The parents always work         together.  We like everybody there.”  –  Ivett Kovacs

3. “Forgney N.S. gave me the foundation I needed in my education and helped             me to go on and achieve the LWETB Academic Excellent Award in                     Ballymahon Vocational School and the Scholarship of Excellence in Athlone      Institute of Technology.  As a past pupil I would definitely recommend Forgney National School.”  –  Tara Noonan

4. “As a past student I really enjoyed my time in primary school.  My time in Forgney prepared me very well for secondary school.  I am still very good friends with all my primary school friends.  The school has given me an edge on oral speaking and project work in secondary.  The teachers were not only helpful while attending the school, but are still helpful until this day.”  –    Harvey Townsend.

5. “I am a previous student from Forgney N.S., now in 6th year in Mercy Secondary School.  One of the things that sticks out in my mind from Forgney N.S. is how everyone was friends with everyone as the school was a small one.  This close knit school gave me some friends for life with whom I am still friends with today.  Doing projects and reports from 3rd class and upwards gave me great preparation for what would be expected of me in secondary school.” – Shauna Gilbride.

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